Klipher Lines

Have you always dreamt of your name being displayed on the credits whenever a movie is getting over? Well! Here's a chance for all you wannabe scriptwriters/poets ,we believe that a small hint of a plot or a poem could inspire a director to make a short film about it. So all you got to do is write a small version of your story or poem in the form of developing hints and make the director approach you to complete the entire script and then what’s next? You would make a brilliant scriptwriter someday.

NOTE for all the filmmakers : A true filmmaker would never think of plagiarising! If any script overhere really inspires you in making it into a shortfilm kindly give the credits to the respected scriptwriter. Be a sport!


by Andy Chandorkar
Drama . 9 days ago
A story abouta pethis is to storyrson who loves drama but his crush not allows him for that and then what happens
The mylapore man is ...

by Joe Harry
Poem . 6 months ago
Ponadhelaam kanavinai pol pudhaindhu alindhey ponadhaal ; naanum oru kanavo ? Indha nyaanamum poidhaano? * Whatamann*
The mylapore man

by Joe Harry
Poem . 6 months ago
Pazha vedikai manidharai pola ; naan veezhven endru ninaithaayo !! * REFLECT*

by manoranjan dsami
Poem . 8 months ago
enna ennova aga nenaithean ,
manathila egapata kanavugal
engea povathu endru theriyamal nidramothu
vazlikatiyavelea Neethanee..

by karunanidhi kannappan
Poem . 8 months ago
Ozone to earth :
"Bhoomiye un meethu naan kaadhal kondein...Athanal than en nenjathilum ottai ullathu..."